Terms and conditions

Facts and prices are provided with reservation for printing errors, stock keeping and price increases carried through by suppliers, technical specifications that are unclear, and the possibility of a product selling out.

1. Delivery time

The normal delivery time is 1 respective 20 working days from the day the order was placed. (Most products; 2 to 6 workingdays).

You always have the possibility to cancel the purchase if a longer delivery delay occur. Please contact our Customer service via webshop@iggesund.com if you wish to cancel your purchase.

2. Confirmation

We will send an order confirmation with information about your purchase by e-mail as soon as we have received your order. We recommend that you save the order confirmation if you should need to contact Iggesund Customer service.

3. Payment options

You will see the shopping basket at the top middle or bottom right of our website pages. You can see the total number and cost of the items you have put in your shopping basket. The charge for shipping and any discounts you may be entitled to will be shown on the checkout page.

  • Note that Swedish VAT is charged to private individuals outside Sweden but within the EU. Individuals outwith the EU are supplied VAT-free.
  • Companies in the EU are supplied VAT-free provided they have registered a user account and have filled in their VAT number.
  • Any shipping-cost, VAT-free, discounts are not shown until you have logged in/created a new account at the checkout

At present, we accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express.
When you pay with credit card, the payment is handled by our payment partner DIBS-DebiTech (www.dibseurope.com) to guarantee secure payments. This is how it works:
- Choose your credit card type i.e. (Visa, Mastercard or American Express), state your card number and validation date.
- A control is carried out to make sure that your data is correct and that there is money on your account.
- the amount is immediately transferred from your account to the shop's account.


Method: Cash in advance
Usual Time of Payment: Before shipment 
Goods Available To Buyer:After payment 
Risk to Seller: None 
Risk to Buyer: Complete. Relies on seller to ship exactly the goods expected, as quoted and ordered.
Comments:Seller's goods must be special in one way or another, or special circumstances prevail over normal trade practices (e.g., goods manufactured to buyer-only specification).

Credit card problems

To continue shopping with credit cards, your browser must accept third party cookies. Here's how you should do:
- Firefox: Go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy on the top of the panel -> Select the checkbox labelled 'Accept cookies from sites.'-> Select the checkbox labelled 'Accept third-party  cookies.'-> Click OK 
- Internet Explorer: Go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy and press the Advanced options, where you check in the top box called "Override automatic cookie handling". Then press OK 
- Mac / Safari: Go to Settings -> Security -> Accept Cookies: Always.

4. Transportation

Iggesund Paperboard AB accepts the economic responsibility if products are damaged or missing during transport. However, you are required to contact our Customer Service at webservice@iggesund.com within 14 days. The economic responsibility is yours if products are damaged or missing during the return transport.

5. Return policy

You are entitled to return undamaged and unused products to Iggesund Paperboard AB. Notifications about this must be done, at the latest, within 14 days after receiving the item. Please send an email to info@iggessund.com with your return. We will provide you with return instructions and return address.
The message, to info@iggessund.com and Customer Service, must contain the following information: a) order number b) title of the product you wish to return. 
The returned product must be unused and in an undamaged state in its original. Return the product together with the receipt (or a copy). State the cause of the returnin your email. You will have to pay the return postage. Returned items sent as "cash on delivery" will not be accepted.

Iggesund Paperboard AB guarantees that the products you have ordered are free from errors at the time of delivery. If you should receive a damaged or incorrectly delivered product, please contact Customer Service at webservice@iggessund.com upon receiving the item or at the latest within 14 days after receiving the item.

Return the product in the state that it was received together with a damage or error report in the comment field below. The returned product must be in a largely unused state in its original package. Return the product together with the receipt (or a copy).

The responsibility for errors in ordered products is limited to the terms now stated.

6. Security

Iggesund Paperboard AB uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is a protocol for secure transmission of data over the Internet (or other networks). A protocol is a set of rules and procedures on how data are to be handled. The SSL protocol has been developed by the company Netscape Communications and is now an industry standard for secure transmissions.

SSL protocol processes the data in several different ways in the purpose of making it unreadable for malicious third parties. The processing is called encryption. When the data is received by the recipient SSL reprocesses (decrypts) it again to make it readable for the recipient and a control is made to ensure that the sender of the data is the valid one (Server authentication). It also checks that the data have not been changed during transmission (Message integrity).

SSL uses digital certificates to validate sender, recipient or both sender and recipient of the data transfer. A digital certificate is the "tool" that is used to tie the information about an individual or a company to a so called "public key". This key has two purposes:

All SSL certificates for the Internet use are handled by companies that are certified as certificate creators (or authorities). This brings that all SSL-certificates are unique and correctly made. Everyone applying for a SSL-certificate has to prove their company or their own identity to be able to purchase the certificate.

The only demand for customers is that they have a web browser that can use SSL.

7. Your user account

To access your Iggesund Paperboard AB account a personal password is needed. You are responsible for keeping your password secret. Don't give any information about the password to any other person. If your share your computer with any other person, you should always log out of the computer to protect your information from being used by other users.

Abuse of your user account

In the event of attempted fraud or any other abuse of services at Iggesund Paperboard AB, we reserve the right to deny persons or companies access to the site iggesund.com and the services supplied as well as via services on other websites and in other medias. If the suspension of the services mentioned above is not respected, Iggesund Paperboard AB will take legal action.



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