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Invercote Duo Sample Folder

Folder including 10 unprinted, but labelled, samples of Invercote Duo, 1 printed sample and 1 product specification. Grammage range: 370 gsm, 410 gsm, 450 gsm, 490 gsm, 530 gsm, 570 gsm, 610 gsm, 670 gsm, 710 gsm, 770 gsm.

Invercote Duo is made by back-to-back pasting of triple coated Invercote G. Due to its strength, toughness and thickness, it is especially suitable for various display purposes and different types of rigid, exclusive gift packs. Invercote Duo is particularly recommended for packaging of aroma and flavour sensitive products. The pasting glue used is taint and odour neutral.

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Sample Folders Item number: ICDuo
Price: $5.83 ex. VAT

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