In it for the long run

Our long term approach and sustainable profit level provide the foundation for continuing to be a responsible part of society and a trusted business partner also in the future.

Building on our past going back to the establishment of an iron works in 1685, we continue to invest in the future, basing our long term success on continuously growing, well-managed forest, and paperboard mills powered by bioenergy.

We firmly believe that long term sustainable business is best based on renewable raw material and energy sources. Or, as we say, black figures are best grown from green assets.

Iggesund and the environment

Like the rest of the Holmen Group we are dedicated to an efficient use and regeneration of raw materials and energy. An effort that was awarded with certification according to the ISO 14001 environmental program in 2001.

The Group’s CEO, as well as the heads of the business areas, have overall responsibility for the environment. Operational responsibility is held by mill managers and forest managers. The Group’s head of environmental affairs coordinates environmental efforts and ensures that the environmental and energy policy is applied, as well as preparing policy issues. Climate issues are mainly dealt with by the Group Technology Staff and the Group management.

Black figures are best grown from green assets

Our approach to sustainability is one of care – for the environment, for our people and the people we come in contact with.

We also relate sustainability to business; both to our own and to our customers'.

We believe that black figures are best grown from green assets and that sustainability only can be approached with a long term perspective and a holistic view.



Staffan Sjöberg
Iggesund Paperboard
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Holmen Annual Report 2018

Holmen Annual Report 2018

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The forest is our foundation

By managing our own forest and through structured purchasing process we are able to take care from seed to paperboard, a cycle up to 100 years long.

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Bio-powered mills

Both our mills use the forest as the primary source of energy, essentially extracting solar energy stored in the wood during photosynthesis.

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Always improving

In every investment decision we make we consider the impact it will have on our environmental, social and financial performance.

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