Bio-powered mills

The forest not only provides us with raw material to make great products. In both our mills, we use the forest as the primary source of energy, essentially extracting solar energy stored in the wood during photosynthesis.

Iggesund mill, Sweden

In 2012 we rebuilt the energy system at our mill in Iggesund. The 220 MEUR investment provides the long term foundation for an entirely bio-powered mill, with a heavily reduced carbon footprint while also reducing other emissions to air.

Workington mill, England

In 2013 we completely changed the energy system at our mill in Workington, from being powered by fossil gas to a newly constructed bio-mass boiler. At a cost of 130 MEUR, this investment means both of our mills boast a world class standard when it comes to clean, efficient energy systems.

We also encourage Cumbria farmers to look at the possibility of diversifying their crops with the addition of willow for bio-mass. Read more at

Grow Your Income

We are encouraging Cumbria farmers to evaluate willow for bioenergy as a way to diversify their crops. We are prepared to sign long-term contracts with landowners and farmers who want to supplement their livelihood with income from energy crop cultivation and can provide partial financial support for the transition, contribute advice on planting and best practice, and handle both harvesting and transporting the crop.


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Staffan Sjöberg
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Learn more about the recovery boiler at Iggesund mill

Insert to the Swedish magazine Pulp & Paper News

Insert to the Swedish magazine Pulp & Paper

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Learn more about the biomass boiler at Workington mill

Biomass boiler project folder

About the biomass CHP plant at the Workington Mill.

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Always improving

In every investment decision we make we consider the impact it will have on our environmental, social and financial performance.

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Being part of society

Our long term approach and sustainable profit levels provide the foundation for continuing to be a responsible part of society.

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People trusted to perform

The potential of our forest and industrial assets to create value for our customers is only realised through the performance of our people.

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Iggesund Paperboard
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