The forest

The forests are the lungs of our planet. They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale life sustaining oxygen. In times of climate change challenges, we think sustainably managed, consistently growing forest has a key role to play in the necessary transition to an economy based on renewable resources.

Care from seed to paperboard

Managing our own forest in the most sustainable way combined with structured purchasing processes means we have control throughout our value chain. From seeds collected in our own orchards, seedlings grown at our own nurseries and trees from sustainably managed forests through to paperboard at the end of a cycle up to 100 years long. It means we can take care, from seed to paperboard.

More than a source of raw material

The forest is not simply a source of raw material. It houses ecological, social and cultural values that we think can be both protected and enhanced through responsible forest management. We truly believe that the forest we manage is a thing of beauty.


Our forest is open to all, and made even more accessible through the construction of forest roads and forest management activities such as thinning. We encourage everybody to take advantage of its richness.


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