Sustainable forest management

In Sweden Iggesund sources all the wood from sistercompany Holmen Skog. Holmen Skog is one of Swedens largest forest land owners and manage their forests according to the FSC®(FSC-C019863)  and PEFC™(2778) regulations.

Holmen’s book "The art of growing forests" summarises our view of how forests should be managed in order to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

Forestry is undergoing constant development. The requirements are changing. New knowledge is being added. Forest stewardship must therefore take a long-term perspective and follow the changing requirements in the world at large.

Forests are in the public eye. They must continue to supply renewable raw material to the industry that produces recyclable and climate friendly products which in turn generates export revenue and prosperity. They are to provide energy and replace the climate disruptive oil, which has too great an impact on the climate. At the same time the prospects for biodiversity in the forests are improved and social values are taken into consideration.

Holmen’s The art of growing forests gives an insight to the stewardship of Holmen forests. In our forest management the requirements laid down in PEFC™ and FSC® certification are incorporated in every step of the chain.

Forest regeneration

Sweden’s Forestry Act was passed in 1903 and lists the demands made by society on forest owners. The act says the forest is a renewable resource that must be managed so it will provide a sustainable good return. Consideration must be paid to nature, the cultural environment, reindeer herding and other interests.

One of the Act’s main articles states that new trees must be planted after felling when the land’s timber-producing ability is not being used. To achieve this, tested methods and tree species that are suitable to the location must be used via planting, seeding or natural regeneration. These measures must be implemented at the latest during the third year after the felling year.

The Holmen Group’s two plant nurseries annually produce about 35 million seedlings that are used for replanting.

The art of growing forests

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Map of protected forests

See Holmen's and other major forest owners formal and voluntary set-aside areas in Sweden.

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