Green electricity to the grid

The folding box board Incada is made in Workington, England, where the energy supply was switched from fossil natural gas to biomass in 2013. This change created the conditions to reduce annual fossil emissions by 190,000 tonnes, the equivalent of taking 65,000 cars off the road.

By supplementing its energy supply with natural gas, the mill can also supply green electricity to the UK mains electricity grid.

Grow Your Income

When the mill at Workington planned the switch to bioenergy, it launched a programme called “Grow Your Income” to encourage landowners in northern England and Scotland to grow energy crops. Iggesund Paperboard signs long, index-linked contracts with landowners, provides assistance with planting, and handles the harvest and transport to the mill.

The recommended crop, SRC Salix, is suitable for land with low productivity and is a way to create a new income source with low work intensity in the local farming community. The UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), has singled out the cultivation of energy crops as a way to strengthen the agricultural industry in northern England and Scotland.

In the long run Grow Your Income will supply between 5 to 10 per cent of the mill’s biomass needs and it has been received as a welcome injection in the local economy.



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