Easy to recycle

All Iggesund Paperboard products are based on wood fibers, fresh or, so called virgin, fibres. Virgin fibre is stronger and cleaner than recycled fibres. They are excellent for demanding packaging applications where extra functionality and excellent print results are needed. When recycled, the virgin fibre provides a valuable input that raises the quality of the recycled pulp, and the products produced from it.


Recycling fundamental for success of the paper product system

The high degree of paper recycling gives legitimacy to all paper based products. The system as a whole, with high recovery and recycling rates, has a high credibility since the fibre can appear in many different types of applications throughout its life span. The recycling process for paper based materials is far simpler than the corresponding process for oter packaging materials like plastics.


European paper recycling rate is 70 per cent

Paper based products in general have a significantly higher recycling rate than comparable packaging materials throughout the world. According to statistics from the Confederation of European Paper Industries more than 70% of all paper produced in Europe is collected for recycling and production of new paper products. A remarkable figure, compared to other recycling systems, that most likely will improve with actions taken in many countries.  



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