Letters from the sky

Every snowflake is unique and what each one looks like depends equally on chance, temperature and the route from the cloud to the ground. At the end of the 1950s physicist and snow researcher Ukichiro Nakaya gave snowflakes the more poetic name of “Letters from the sky”.

Peter Dahmen, the designer of this year’s unique greeting card from Iggesund, visited Iggesund on a snowy day in November when it literally poured down “letters from the sky”.

How can seven snowflakes transform into 44,000 unique ones?

Every snowflake is unique. A cloud holds both ice crystals and water in an unstable mixture. When the temperature falls, the ice crystals grow at the expense of the water droplets and build snowflakes. 

The basis of this year’s greeting card from Iggesund Paperboard is seven snowflakes, which can be folded to create 44,716 different versions. 

The brain behind

How does Peter Dahmen think as a designer? What is important and how does he showcase the properties that are important to highlight in the chosen technique? In this article Peter himself describes the considerations behind this year’s greeting card from Iggesund. 

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Iggesund expertise

Iggesund Paperboard has a tradition of making sophisticated, designed and specially printed greeting cards where we try to demonstrate the ultimate performance capabilities of our paperboard. The cards are also a project that many of our colleagues have opinions about. Anna Adler, graphic specialist and Senior Project Manager with Iggesund’s Marketing Communications, has been responsible for producing Iggesund’s greeting cards for the past decade. How does she handle the challenge? 

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The production

People often speak of the breaking point where it is profitable to abandon digital production and instead use traditional techniques. But this year’s Christmas card from Iggesund would have been very resource intensive to produce using traditional die cutting rather than laser cutting. Yaron Eshel of Highcon explains why.

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