Safe Stop


The purpose of safe stop is to provide safe routines for operations in the work equipment's risk area in order to prevent personal injury.


The routine must be applied in the case of all temporary works that are carried out in the work equipment's risk area. This includes all those measures, human, technical as well as organisational, that are taken to prevent unwanted (unintended) start of, or processes in, work equipment.

The routine covers all forms of energy, such as electricity, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical energy, steam, gases and radiation. All staff categories are covered, e.g. production, maintenance and contractors.

Risk assessment

Riskbedömning görs vid upprättande av checklista för säkra stopp. Innan ett arbete påbörjas på arbetsutrustning skall arbetet riskbedömas och erforderliga säkerhetsåtgärder vidtagas.

Separate operation

There is an exception to the requirement for a work permit for so-called separate operation. In the case of separate operation, contact must always be established with the operator for the process section concerned. The process operator decides whether the production will be isolated and

locked, and whether they must carry out test start, or whether this can be done by the executor. The executor must then use a separate lock. Separate operation is where the operation is performed by individuals who can shutdown the work equipment in a safe manner, where the executors have control of safety at the operation site, and where it cannot affect the risk for other equipment. Separate operation is when the executor has control of safety at the operation site and where it cannot affect the risk for other equipment.

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