In case of emergency - Call 0650-288 88

Answer the gatekeeper’s questions
• What has happened?
• Where is help needed?
• Is anyone injured? How many? What type of injuries?
• Is the injured person conscious, is he/she breathing, is he/she trapped?
If anyone rings 112 by mistake, which is answered by SOS Alarm, the guardhouse must be informed at once.

While waiting for help
• Can you help those injured without taking any risks?
• Warn others!

Call 0650-288 88 (the gatekeeper) and ask for an ambulance.
Arrange for a guide to meet the ambulance at the gatehouse.
If an accident occurs outdoors, you must state the ambulance station from which the transport is to takeplace.
First-aiders are always called out in the event of a casualty.
First aid in the case of minor accidents
Call 0650-288 88 (the gatekeeper) and ask for first aid.

Call 0650-288 88 (the gatekeeper) and ask for the emergency services (fire brigade).
In the event of fire, you must save, alarm and extinguish. When you raise the alarm, you must state where the fire is and then arrange for a guide to meet the emergency services at the gatehouse.

Threat or gas
Call 0650-288 88 and explain what has happened.


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Iggesunds Mill contacts

Emergency number
0650-288 88

0650-282 70

0650-280 00

Principal safety representative
0650 - 288 89/070-3629900

0650-284 95/070-3170200



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