Upgraded Invercote G gets Quick Printing award

The US newsletter Quick Printing conducted their 3rd annual Readers’ Choice Top Products Awards competition in mid-2015. The newsletter is targeting people in the quick printing business globally, and the goal was to gather opinions from print service providers about what they consider to be the most significant products introduced to the commercial printing industry over the last 15 months. Voting was open to all print service providers worldwide.

In the category Digital Print Media Upgraded Invercote G from Iggesund Paperboard was voted to be the best choice with the following motivation:

“Invercote G is certified for a variety of digital print technologies and is recognized as the market leader by digital printers when they need a thicker or stiffer material than usual. The upgraded Invercote G gives customers who want a clear difference between the paperboard’s two sides but who still want to be able to print on both sides using their digital presses precisely what they’re looking for.

The secret lies in the new coating on the reverse side of the upgraded Invercote G. Iggesund’s engineers created a reverse side with improved printing properties – in both offset and digital – but without compromising on the natural feel that has been the product’s hallmark for many years.”

Jannes Dahlgren, CEO at the Swedish digital printing house Digaloo is not surprised by the award.

“The improved printability on the reverse side has taken Invercote G to a new level for digital printing. We can use it for a larger range of print and packaging applications than before”, he says.

The award will be given to Iggesund at a ceremony at GraphExpo 15 in Chicago on Sunday September 13th.

Read more about the award at printingnews.com

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Inventing a new way every day

“40 diverse print jobs happen routinely at Digaloo every day. Even so, our lives keep changing for the better with digital printing. 

Our customers expect us to keep pushing the limits on creativity and efficiency. Invercote continues to be a vehicle of success, over and over again.”

Jannes Dahlgren
Owner of Digaloo Digital Printing



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