The robots are coming!

In partnership with novum magazine, the paperboard producer Iggesund is showing the creative potential inherent in paperboard as a working material. At the Creative Paper Conference, the producer will present for the first time eight different robot models designed by famous German designers especially for the premium paperboard Invercote. The next edition (12/12 EVT: 11/11/2012) of novum magazine will contain the models as die cut sheets.

At first glance the brief was extremely simple: “Design us a robot” was the call from Iggesund to various German designers. The only condition was that it had to be possible to print the design on one A3 page. In this way the company wants to draw attention to the wealth of design potential offered by the solid bleached sulphate paperboard Invercote. The designers were given free rein and the results are correspondingly diverse. The spectrum ranges from the powerful android by the designer ‘Jotopia’ to the classic humanoid model by Maikranz Design.

The designs were then realised with printers and processors from throughout Germany. This caused some participants serious headaches. For example, the printer Wünsch in Neumarkt in Oberpfalz spent six months in close contact with designers, mould makers and processors, honing concepts and testing feasibility.


“The material wasn’t the limiting factor. On the contrary,” says Wolfgang Röhr, general manager of Wünsch-Druck. “But many factors need to be taken into consideration in production to ensure that the end result is as great as these little robot works of art.”

Iggesund will present all the models exclusively on 25 and 26 October at its stand at the Creative Paper Conference in Munich. The robots will then be included as die cut sheets in the next edition of novum magazine for reconstruction.

For Christian Deppisch, manager of the Creative Paper Conference and novum editor, the project is a successful mix of conceptual competition and feasibility study. “Paperboard offers an incredible number of opportunities for design and processing. Its very changeability and good processing quality have already helped us with several novum projects and led to excellent results. The robot models are solid proof yet again that great results can be achieved with Iggesund paperboard.”

The solid bleached sulphate paperboard Invercote, or rather Invercote Metalprint, from Iggesund provides the basis for the die cut sheets. This material can be processed extremely flexibly and is also above average in terms of ecofriendliness. The main applications of this paperboard are normally brochure covers, mailshots and packaging for food or cosmetics.



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