Yet another advance for Incada

An improved uniformity of surface appearance, higher brightness and improved stiffness. That’s in essence the latest upgrade to the folding box board Incada which Iggesund Paperboard recently has launched.

“This isn’t a dramatic change but rather another step in our programme for continuous improvement,” explains Guy Mallinson, Director of Sales at Iggesund Paperboard. “We’ve taken yet another development step with Incada which we feel is completely in line with market demands.”

Incada was launched in 2001 and rapidly gained a strong foothold in both the graphics and packaging markets sectors in Europe. The folding box board has undergone gradual improvement over time as a result of investments at Iggesund’s mill at Workington, where it is made.

“Now we’re taking a slightly bigger step by making a subtle change to the hue and combining it with improved stiffness,” Mallinson says. The changes affect both the reverse side coated Incada Silk as well as our standard folding box board Incada Exel.

“On the printing side the improved products have a more solid hue which has both a higher luminance (L* value) and a higher brightness. The result enables better colour reproduction,” says Robin Lewis, Product Manager for Incada. “The reverse side of Incada Silk now also has a more consistent whiteness which we have also increased on the uncoated reverse side of Incada Exel.”

The improved stiffness is the result of an ongoing development programme following a rebuild done to the wet end of the BM2 board machine at Workington.

“That rebuild, together with more advanced fibre treatment methods, have allowed us to improve the stiffness,” Lewis says. 

Robin Lewis emphasises that the newly improved Incada can be used for all the same purposes as its predecessor, only minor adjustments have been necessary for particularly demanding colour reproduction jobs.

“All in all, improved Incada is yet

another development and I am sure

our customers will find it a positive

step forward,” he concludes



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