A very active stoppage

An integrated paperboard mill like Iggesund Mill functions on the premise that the machines will work nonstop year round. When they are shut down, all the maintenance measures and inspections that cannot be done while the machines are operating must be accomplished in the shortest possible time. At least as important are the upgrades that step by step raise the quality and production.

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Every hour of stoppage time results in lost production. In Iggesund’s case a major stoppage usually requires contributions from over 700 subcontractors, almost as many as the mill’s normal workforce.

The complexities do not stop there. For many of the measures, specific other measures must be taken first. Detailed scheduling is necessary to minimise the stoppage time, and the planning is so extensive that it needs more than a year’s worth of preparations.

At the end of 2015 Iggesund Mill had a major stoppage with the tough aim of getting the mill certified for longer time intervals between inspections of its heart, the recovery boiler. It was a race against time that succeeded. See how it happened.



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