Live report: Dscoop

DSCOOP is underway. Print service providers and converters as well as material suppliers from across the globe come together for three intense days in a bustling Tel Aviv. We caught Staffan Sjöberg, PR Manager at Iggesund Paperboard for a quick report. 

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How are things so far?

“Things are great. We started off yesterday with a get-together where a number of awards were handed out to different applications. In total there were some 260 submissions. It was like the Oscars for our business. From what I can tell, the creativity within the digital printing industry right now is endless. You see things you have never seen before.”

What’s stirring up most interest at this year’s Dscoop?
“There is a lot of interest around the finishing possibilities and for those who have machines for doing exquisite finishing. Everyone seems to be curious as to what High-con and other highly acclaimed players are presenting.”

I guess the Iggesund Paperboard stand draws some attention too?
“We sure do! There is a lot of variation in the crowds who come to see us here. Some know a great deal about Invercote already, whereas others meet the brand for the very first time. Regardless, they are all keen on knowing more about our offers to the digital print and converting market. We do get a lot of questions about the technical characteristics of Invercote and what makes it an apt product for digital printing.”

The tagline for Dscoop 2016 is “Connect to grow”, indicating that this is a fair for meeting and sharing ideas. How true does this message ring to you?
“Very true, actually. Dscoop is nothing like a traditional exhibition. The focus on sharing ideas, inspiration, knowledge and solutions is really strong. Here, someone who is running a digital printing business can meet with someone from another part of the world who has the same type of machine and who has run in to the same kind of problem – or who has experience of a success which can be transferred into a new market. Dscoop has the atmosphere of a closed community with people being very generous. All in all, it’s a great vibe!”

So what’s up next for you?
“I will try to catch the speech by Alon Bar-Shany, VP and General Manager of HP Indigo, this afternoon and then we’re heading to a dinner in Jaffa with the HP crew tonight. It won’t be a late night though, tomorrow we’re all being transported by bus to a full day session at the HP Campus in Kiryat Gat. I’m excited about that as that’s where we will get to see the all the new machines in operation.”



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