Iggesund Paperboard Design Experience 2016 welcomes designers from around the world

22 August marks the start of the Iggesund Paperboard Design Experience for 2016. Then 24 international designers will arrive at Iggesund in Hälsingland, Sweden to spend three days learning more about paperboard in general and Invercote in particular. 

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Designers and other users of paper and board often strive to be experts in the materials, wanting to know how they can be used and how to get the most out of the different materials. Today it is also crucial to understand how materials differ from one another from a sustainability standpoint and how design can minimise the strain on the environment.

The Iggesund Paperboard Design Experience enables the participating designers to discuss sustainable design and material selection and also to question experts in fields such as forest and water management, food safety in packaging etc. The event features both theoretical and practical sessions. Paper and pop-up book artist Iain Smyth and designer Niklas Fagerholm will run workshops that give participants an opportunity to work hands on with the paperboard. The aim is for the designers to return home with new insights into how they can make their designs stand out from the crowd not only graphically but also from a sustainability perspective.

The Iggesund Paperboard Design Experience is an annual event and this year’s is the fifth edition. Designers apply to participate and are granted a place based on factors like design speciality and geographical location.



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