Go virtual reality with Invercote on Drupa

If you still haven’t experienced a Google Cardboard viewer, Drupa is your chance to try one – in style! IST Metz will be at the Düsseldorf trade fair printing the much-hyped VR device on Invercote.

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Whatever website you visit, whatever magazine you even open, stories about virtual reality and how it is fundamentally changing the experience industry seem to be everywhere this spring. The company that more than any other has helped to make virtual reality accessible to the general public is Google, whose Google Cardboard viewer has sold in more than five million units (as we report in the latest issue of Inspire).

Many VR experiences to date have involved spectacular adventures like wild rollercoaster rides or hikes through the jungle. At Drupa visitors will be able to take part in a totally different virtual experience – namely, how a Google Cardboard viewer is actually printed.

The Germany company IST Metz in cooperation with Heidelberg and Iggesund will be offering the meta experience at Stand B:10, Hall 2. IST Metz is a world-leading manufacturer of UV-based curing systems, UV lamps, and UV applications for the printing industry but also for other segments such as the automotive industry. Head of Marketing & Communications  Andreas Bosse says IST Metz has done a number of trial printings and he is eager to come to Drupa to demonstrate the company’s products and services to existing and prospective customers.

“This will be my third time at Drupa, which is still the biggest and best-known show for print and paper. Most of the decision makers in the business go there to inform themselves. I hope we can increase our business for the future and further establish UV and LED UV technology. We also hope we get a lot of interest in the product we’re showing at our stand.”

Why did you choose Invercote to be your substrate?
“We did advance tests for stability and decided that Invercote was most suitable. VR glasses are printed on a very thick cardboard. We wanted a high gloss varnishing effect so we chose Invercote G 330 g/m2.”

Four times a day IST Metz will demonstrate the production of Google Cardboard viewers, which have been designed by the company’s in-house design department and which will be printed on a Speedmaster XL75 Anicolor UV2. The presentation takes about 15 minutes.


Three questions for Robert Bryngelsson, Project Manager Market Communications at Iggesund Paperboard



What did you think when you saw that Google presented a virtual reality product made of paperboard?

“It was a wake-up call. Now people have realised that our smartphones contain all the required technology to create VR glasses, so all that’s needed is a material strong enough to physically carry the technology. This is a terrific solution that makes use of a renewable material to replace plastic and also utilises the technology in our smartphones.”

How did you get the idea to have Google Cardboard printed on Invercote?

“Heidelberg and IST Metz turned to us with an idea because Invercote makes it possible to have a good print result and an attractive design.”

How will it work at Drupa?

“Heidelberg and IST Metz will print the glasses but only as a demonstration – the glasses that will be handed out will be produced in advance.”


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