Vote for your favorite Invercote design solution in Brief Cases’ People’s award

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The Brief Cases project aims to bridge the gap between academic design studies and the commercial reality. The project is an initiative from The Heaven Company, Iggesund Paperboard and Earth Island whereby university students during 2014/2015 were challenged to come up with innovative and sustainable design solutions using Invercote.

Students were given the following briefs:

  • Packaging Design of Tomorrow
  • Infographic Poster
  • Advertising Local Difference

A jury has selected winners in each category to be awarded in London at the Solutions Awards on 17 November, 2015. Besides the jury based awards, there is a special award called Brief Cases’ People’s Choice. Nominees for that award are:

Packaging Design of Tomorrow

Tube of Stacked Bagels Polskie Buleczki - by Haydn Marsh

The Honey Twist - by Leah Watson

Furrow’s Crisp Packaging - by Niall Burr

Advertising Local Difference

Be-Spoken - by Bethany Lall

Infographic Poster

Invercote infographic - by Thomas Almeida

To see the nominees for the Brief Cases' People's Choice award visit this website and scroll to the bottom, then vote for your favorite Invercote design.



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