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Invercote and Incada are the two most valuable brands in the Western European paperboard market, according to this year's Brand Tracking Survey. Amongst 220 leading carton converters Invercote is considered the overall most valuable brand, while Incada, besides being number two overall, also gets the highest runnability score out of all the paperboard brands evaluated in the survey.

The Iggesund Paperboard brands are highly ranked also when it comes to the 377 brand owners interviewed in the survey. Overall, Invercote is ranked in 2ndplace but amongst brand owners in selected end use segments; Chocolate & confectioneryCosmetics & beauty care and Wines & Spirits, Invercote is considered the leading brand. Incada is also going strong and takes place in the top-three in four out of six segments.

The brand equity index and ranking of brands is considering both awareness of and satisfaction with the brand, and both surveys are based on in-depth interviews with respondents; carton converters and brand owners, located in Western Europe.

In addition to leading positions overall, Iggesund and Invercote also take the lead when environmental and sustainability aspects are considered.

The full survey contains a lot of comments from both converters and brand owners. A UK based brand owner comments on why they are using Incada:

“Practicality - does it run well on our machine? And 2: Does marketing like the look of our carton, both printed and unprinted?”

A French converter considers Iggesund to be leading in terms of sustainability:

“Iggesund aims for minimal cost, are responsible for and aware of the forests’ impact, make long term investments."


Read more about the converter and brand owner surveys.



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