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The world's most beautiful cigarette pack - The Diamond Pack - has taken one step closer in becoming a commercial reality.

The intricate pack design has the remarkable distinction of being square, round and diamond-shaped at the same time. No less than 112 creasing lines were used in creating this curvy masterpiece. The pack was jointly developed by Iggesund and Amcor Tobacco Packaging, in an attempt to take the performance of Iggesund’s flagship product Invercote to the very limit. The rights to the pack are also jointly owned by the two companies.

- The market reception has been phenomenal. This is what the market is all about, creating outstanding shelf appeal and good hand feel. The demanding design is flattering for Invercote and shows that designers truly can work with the shape aspect in a way they never could before, says Carlo Einarsson, Director Market Communication at Iggesund Paperboard.



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