Why tight tolerances on board specifications matter

As a manufacturer of medtech products, you are certainly no stranger to meeting a whole range of legal, technical and medical requirements. After all, when human lives are at stake, one can never be too careful. Naturally these same high standards apply to your choice and use of packaging materials. Yet I’m sometimes amazed by the confusion that often arises when it comes to technical specifications on paperboard. Let me tell you why.

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Ask for full spec sheets
Although paperboard is a well-established packaging material for a wide variety of medtech products, there is not always easily available and complete information regarding environmental certificates, functional performance and more. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a German technical guy who works for a very demanding and detail-oriented producer of premium board, but I like to see all product properties clearly listed on spec sheets – with tight tolerances.

Specifying 32 properties
You know what I’m talking about - everything from board thickness and whiteness to bending stiffness, tensile strength and more. And I don’t just mean four or five properties. At Iggesund Paperboard, we specify 32 characteristics. The reason for this is simple – it’s our commitment to customers to secure the consistency, safety and quality of their products. And we’re proud to stand behind each and every one of them, from pallet to pallet, sheet to sheet – day in and day out.

Avoid packaging line stoppage
The fact is that even small variations in agreed tolerance levels can impact packaging line efficiency. So while many suppliers talk about quality and consistency, ask to see proof. Serious producers can guarantee very tight tolerances of +/-4% on grammage (ISO 536), thickness (ISO 534) and more.

To find out more about our thinking in this area, download our free Medtech Packaging Guide.

“ We provided a coated solid bleached board – without any extra optical brightening agents and free from chemicals that might interact with the medical agent, while still being able to absorb small amounts of potential moisture build-up in the ETO gas  sterilization process.”

Technical contact

Ulrich Pfau, Technical Service Manager Iggesund Paperboard

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