Create a luxury impact with hot foil stamping

On this year’s greeting card we have used hot-foil stamping to highlight details that help strengthen its message. Hot-foil stamping offers endless variations and combinations – we have chosen a glossy silver foil combined with detailed embossings.

Read on below for more information and inspiration on this topic. The excerpt origins from our Graphics Handbook, where you can also learn more about other finishing techniques. 

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Hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping is used to provide an eyecatching or luxury appearance. The size of the area that can be covered varies from very fine details to large, solid areas. There are many types of foil to choose between. They come with gloss or matt finishes and can be brightly coloured, shimmering metallic, pearlised or with holographic patterns. Effects such as marble and snakeskin are also possible.

Paperboard’s dimensional stability offers advantages to production jobs that have many finishing stages. This detail is from one of Iggesund’s production jobs which combined various printing techniques and a total of 18 printing stages.

Golden opportunities

Hot foil stamping can be used for letters, patterns and all other types of illustrations. These can be wholly covered or just given a thin edging. If you are considering a metallic appearance, this is a golden opportunity to add a touch of exclusive elegance. Or why not use a holographic film to draw attention, or a foil with offset print on top of it? That way you will get an astonishingly bright result.

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The hot foil stamping operation

In this operation the foil, which is supplied on a heat-resistant film, is kept parallel to the paperboard during the process. A heated matrix, which is fitted to the stamping cylinder, releases the foil from the film and makes it adhere to the paperboard.

Key paperboard features

For the best visual appearance of the foil, a clean and very smooth surface with a minimum of interfering surface irregularities is important, since any flaws are strongly accentuated when foiled.

Want to dive in even deeper? Check out The Reference Manual!

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Creating impact

How can you create more impact by using embossing and hot foil stamping? Find out from Kevin Chen, the master of embossing behind the design of the 2018 greeting card from Iggesund Paperboard. He realised early in his career that embossing could advantageously be used to heighten the recipient’s experience.

We followed him for some hectic days in Taiwan during the final production stages of this year’s greeting card. A journey you can also share via this film.

From the Swedish forest to your hand

Products from Iggesund Paperboard are sold all over the world and our local representatives are never far away. But how can it make sense to produce paperboard in one part of the world and ship it to another? There's never a simple answer to that question. Find out how Invercote shipped to Japan has half the carbon footprint of the average domestically produced paperboard on our blog.

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