How to assemble your greeting card

To get the most out of your greeting card from Iggesund Paperboard, you can assemble it so that it stands securely on your desk and displays the card's masterpiece – the embossed moose.

1. Open the card so you can see the moose.

2. Detach the card with the moose at the top and bottom edges.

3. After you have removed the moose, you will see there is a perforated tab that you can easily pull up on the side of the card.

4. Turn the card over so the reverse side, decorated with hot foil stamped snowflakes, is facing you. Secure the moose at the top and bottom edges by inserting it into the pre-cut slots.

5. Insert the pulled-out tab into the card’s other part so that the card’s sides will stay together.

6. Enjoy!

Think outside the plastic box
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Creating impact

How can you create more impact by using embossing and hot foil stamping? Find out from Kevin Chen, the master of embossing behind the design of the 2018 greeting card from Iggesund Paperboard. He realised early in his career that embossing could advantageously be used to heighten the recipient’s experience.

We followed him for some hectic days in Taiwan during the final production stages of this year’s greeting card. A journey you can also share via this film.

From the Swedish forest to your hand

Products from Iggesund Paperboard are sold all over the world and our local representatives are never far away. But how can it make sense to produce paperboard in one part of the world and ship it to another? There's never a simple answer to that question. Find out how Invercote shipped to Japan has half the carbon footprint of the average domestically produced paperboard on our blog.

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