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Could it be any closer? Our teams work in or very close to your market and know your unique local conditions and speak your own language. This means you can always access qualified advice before, during and after your production process.

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Could it be any safer? Upon request we issue product safety certificates so that you and your customers have documentary proof that paperboard from Iggesund meets the very highest standards. Get the product safety certificate needed for your packaging.

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Could it be any simpler? With Iggesund’s Sample Service you quickly receive A4 samples of Invercote and Incada completely free of charge or obligation. See, touch and feel for yourself and get a flavour of the design freedom of Invercote and Incada.

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The "Care by Iggesund" circle of service

Billions of unique seedlings; billions of unique printing impressions; all good for the world we live in.

“Sustainable emotion is our way of life at Iggesund, where we start by nurturing tiny seedlings into hundred year old trees. Our managed forests turn into pure virgin pulp, and then paperboard with properties designed for branders.  Outstanding graphic and packaging performance is always the result. We value brander owners, who like us, cherish earning a living from green assets.”

Jessica Tommila
Care by Iggesund Team Leader


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