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We will send your water lily kit right away, so you will soon be able to give it a shot! Please also feel free to share your results on social media, using the hashtag #iggesundinspiration. We would LOVE to see your water lilies out there!

Need some help? View the full assembly instructions here.   

If you have any questions about your order please don't hesitate to contact us. For more information about Iggesund Paperboard and our products, please visit or get in touch directly.

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Assembly instructions

Click here to watch the full assembly instructions.


Assembly instructions

Watch the full, real-time instructions on how to assemble the Invercote water lily. Iain Smyth, Paper Engineer at Papersmyths Ltd., guides you through each step of the assembly. Give it a try yourself by applying for a kit at

The talented Mr Smyth

He has created his own version of Noah’s Ark. He made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory come to life on the page and his water lilies for Iggesund are breathtaking. Meet British paper engineer Iain Smyth.

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Sign up to receive an inspirational surprise from Iggesund. Your gift is personal and will consist of various packaging and graphical applications we have made on Invercote and Incada over the past years. 



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