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The certificate will be sent from the desk of Johan Granås, Sustainability Communication Manager at Iggesund Paperboard within three weeks. 

Head of Sustainability

Johan Granås
Phone: +46 70 250 41 25

Sustainability and Invercote

Sustainability the Invercote way

A presentation of sustainability within the production of Invercote.

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Sustainability and Incada

Sustainability the Incada way

About sustainability aspects of the Incada production.

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The beauty of managed forests

Some believe that only untouched forest is beautiful. In reality, nearly all forest that we experience and appreciate is in some stage of the forest management cycle. Let us show you how beatiful responsibly managed forest is.

Plant It Forward

Iggesund are wholly committed to mitigating climate change and to managing our forests and manufacturing processes so that we leave nature better off than when we borrowed from it.

We want to share that commitment with you by planting trees in your name and giving you a way to follow the growth and development of our forests in general and your trees in particular. Sign yourself or a friend up to Plant It Forward.



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