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Product description

Paperboard with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) coating is suitable for packaging applications where the fat barrier and temperature resistance are important. It is amorphous and sealable.

At temperatures around 70°C it is transformed successively to a partly crystalline state with a melting point of approximately 260°C. This means that the heat sealing properties of the package will deteriorate when heated. It can be used for food products that are cooked in the pack and/or reheated in a microwave or conventional oven.

For cooking/reheating in the tray and for lids Invercote G is recommended as baseboard. A black pigmented version is also available.

Additional properties

The PET coated paperboard can be used for applications up to 220°C, depending on the pack fill and gives:

  • Extremely good temperature resistance
  • Good sealability
  • Excellent oxygen barrier from the inside
  • Extremely good fat barrier from the inside

The reverse side always has a glossy finish for improved surface characteristics.

Microwaving    Deep freezing Oven cooking  Vapor             Oxygen            Heat sealing

Typical end use areas

One-side PET

Microwave and conventional oven trays for cooking/reheating
Baking trays for conventional/microwave ovens
Lids for trays made of PET coated board

Baseboard/Grammage guide

Information on baseboard properties is found under Paperboard products in the Product Catalogue. PET coatings are available in the following combinations of baseboards and grammages (g/m2):


Printing side
Grammage range according to the specific baseboard.
Reverse side 35 g/m2 PET, Glossy surface





Printing side 35 g/m2 PET, Glossy surface
Grammage range according to the specific baseboard
Reverse side



1) For PET the estimated increase in stiffness as a result of the extrusion process is, for machine direction 15-30%, for cross direction 20-60%, in relation to the specified baseboard vaule. The lower the baseboard grammage, the higher the percentage increase. Other PET grammages and pigmented PET available on request.



PropertyPrinting sideReverse sideToleranceTest method
Grammage (g/m2) - 35 ±5 % ISO 536
Added thickness (µm) - 25 - Calculated value
Surface roughness (µm) - ≥2.7 (typical) - ISO 8791
Surface tension (dynes/cm) - - - ISO 8296
Adhesion (scale) 3 (typical) 6 (typical) ≥2 (PS), =5 (RS) Internal1)
Pin holes (number/m2) - 0 (typical) ≥4 PTN 8-70 modified
1) Scale 1 - 6. (6 = full fibre tear/excellent on a fully clay-coated surface).

Paperboard for food packaging

Paperboard is a promising material for airline food packaging – it has low weight, can be barrier coated, and can be finished to the required level of elegance and quality feel.



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