Bio coatings

Bio coating

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Product description

The bio coating is based on renewable resources and adapted for organic recovery through composting or anaerobic digestion. Combined with a selected number of Invercote grades, the material is suitable for packaging applications where biodegradability is desired. Both the baseboard and the coating conforms to the European Norm regarding compostability, EN 13432. The product also works well in existing packaging recycling systems.

Invercote Bio is particularly suitable as an alternative to PE as a barrier against grease and liquids, e.g. ice cream, cups for cold drinks and chilled food. The converting properties, such as die-cutting, heat sealing and creasing are comparable to those of PE, though its tensile strength is higher.

Additional properties

The Bio coating gives:

  • Heat sealing
  • Gluing
  • Fat barrier
  • Liquid water barrier from the inside
  • Neutral from a taint and odour perspective

The reverse side always has a glossy finish for improved surface and barrier characteristics.

Deep freeezing Heat sealing

Typical end use areas

One-side coated Bio

Ice cream
Confectionery and pastries
Vegetables (packed pre-frozen)
Chilled food
Fast food

Baseboard/Grammage guide

Information on baseboard properties is found under Paperboard products in the Product Catalogue.

The Bio coating is available on Invercote grades only and as one-side coated on the reverse.


Printing side
Grammage range according to the specific baseboard
Reverse side 23 g/m2 Bio coating, Glossy surface, corona treatment1)


1) Corona treatment can be left out for heat sealing applications e.g. cups. Other grammages available on request.


PropertyPrinting sideReverse sideToleranceTest method
Grammage (g/m2) - 23 ±10 % ISO 536
Added thickness (µm) - 21 - Calculated value
Surface roughness (µm) - ≥2.7 (typical) - ISO 8791
Surface tension (dynes/cm) - ≥42 1) - ISO 8296
Adhesion (scale) - 5 (typical) ≥4 Internal2)
Pin holes (number/m2) - 0 (typical) - Internal

1) When produced. After delivery the level can be affected by conditions beyond our control.

² Scale 1 - 6. (6 = full fibre tear/excellent on a fully clay-coated surface).


An environmental choice of material

When the Swedish retail chain Coop decided to create new packaging for its own-brand frozen berries, it deliberately chose a higher-priced base material for environmental reasons.

Coop selected the paperboard material Invercote Bio, a virgin-fibre-based board coated with bioplastic.


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