Iggesund Paperboard manufactures a range of paperboard products at Iggesund in Sweden and Workington in United Kingdom together with plastic extrusions and laminations for paperboard at Strömsbruk in Sweden. These facilities have been paperboard production units for the better part of a century thus advancing the craft, skill and tradition of paperboard manufacture.

One tonne - knowledge included

To achieve the best results in the printing process or in packaging manufacture, you need not only a high-quality base material but also knowledge about how to use that material in the best possible way. Designers, packaging developers and printers all contribute their own specific knowledge and experience to help optimise the product’s properties and functions throughout its lifespan. For this reason, hands-on knowledge about the special properties of paperboard is also required.

For a number of decades, Iggesund Paperboard has systematically compiled and made available to its customers an extensive body of knowledge material – the Iggesund Anchor – in order to help increase the user’s ability to make the best use of Invercote and Incada at all stages.

The company

All sales of Iggesund Paperboard’s products in Europe are coordinated at our sales office in Amsterdam. We also have sales offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States, as well as in Iggesund. We have organised our resources of people, technology and systems to suit our customers’ priorities and offer our customers complete commercial and technical customer support. Customers’ needs are constantly evolving and market conditions are ever changing. The service we provide is based on some simple principles:

  • Locally based account managers and technical service managers. Account coordinators in the sales office in Amsterdam speak the local languages.
  • Sheeting facilities close to our main markets, as well as at our mills, ensure the rapid delivery of small orders.
  • Distribution centres close to our customers.
  • A wide network of selected merchants supplement direct mill orders.

The product families

Our goal is to offer virgin fibre-based paperboard that meets the demands of our customers, the consumers and the authorities. Our product range consists of Invercote and Incada. They are also offered extruded and/or laminated with different plastics and foils.

Quality assurance

We have implemented Quality Assurance Systems to maintain our product quality and to meet customer needs and expectations. At our mills we have certified quality assurance systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The systems are documented in our Quality Manuals and are open for quality audits by customers. Product specifications and contracts are essential elements for ensuring that we have agreements between our customers and ourselves, which meet the need for clear joint understandings about product quality and safety.

Accredited Laboratory

Our Laboratory for Sensory and Chemical Analyses is accredited for sensory measurements by the Swedish National Accreditation Authority, SWEDAC. This guarantees that tests are objectively carried out using approved and tested methods. The laboratory performs sensory analysis using statistical calibration and chemical analysis using a gas chromatograph with an odour detector and mass spectrometry. It has unique equipment for taking gas samples at room temperature and has developed methods for measuring the effects of aromas on packaging material/permeability.

The laboratory’s capacity is continuously used to safeguard the taint and odour neutrality of raw materials and the baseboard. It is often consulted by third parties in investigations in taint and odour problems. Accreditation number: 1740 ISO/IEC 17025.

Product safety

The essential purpose of packaging is to ensure the hygiene and quality of the packed product. We control the entire pulp and paperboard chain production so that we can supply paperboard products which meet strict standards for hygiene, barrier functions and taint and odour neutrality. All materials used in the making of our board are approved for food contact in accordance with current regulations in different countries. To ensure that we are providing the correct product and product safety documentation we must know the intended final application.
If the customer applications require product safety certificates or if further information is needed, please contact your local Technical Service Manager.


Packaging in general, paperboard and paperboard making processes are all subject to environmental attention. As a paperboard supplier Iggesund takes responsibility for the environmental impact of our products from the sourcing of our raw materials through our manufacturing processes.

Environmental management systems are implemented at all our mills (ISO 14001). The Holmen Group´s forest management routines are approved in accordance with the FSC® (FSC-C110018) and PEFC™ (2778) standards as well as certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. Both our mills hold chain of custody-certifications (CoC) in accordance with FSC® and Iggesunds Bruk also holds CoC certification with PEFC. This enables our certified customers to be part of the chain.

Read more: Certificates and awards

Our aim is that our processes will meet environmental requirements with good safety margins and we ensure that our products are safe for handling and use. Both mills operate in accordance with the energy management system standard ISO 50001.

Packaging waste and associated landfill issues are of major concern in some countries. For a long time used paper and paperboard have proven to be easy to recover – both as a raw material for recycled fibre products and increasingly for energy recovery. Iggesund’s energy use is based on biofuels and we have initiated programmes to further reduce the use of fossil fuels, thereby reducing fossil carbon dioxide emissions.

Paperboard has a low carbon footprint compared to other packaging materials. The raw material, timber, is harvested from managed forests that absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Because no uniform methods of measuring carbon footprint exist, we refrain from making any claims.

The Holmen Group, to which Iggesund belongs, has been part of the UN Global Compact and its correspond-ing Nordic network since 2007. Each year the Group reports its sustainability work according to the ten principles of the Global Compact. The principles relate to human rights, social conditions, the right to establish trade unions, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption.

The UN Global Compact 100 (GC100) is a global stock index that tracks compliance with the ten sustainability principles and combines this with the companies’ financial performance. The 100 companies around the world judged to be the best at creating good returns through sustainable business practices are listed on the GC100 index. Holmen has held GC100 status since 2013.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is the name of an international federation that in 2014 represented 767 institutional investors with assets totalling around SEK 640 billion. CDP seeks to encourage companies around the world to reduce their impact on the climate and nature’s resources, and it presents an annual report on the outcome of its work. As a result of its energy investments and the consequent fall in carbon dioxide emissions, in 2014 Holmen qualified for the A list on the Climate Performance Leadership Index. The global index lists 187 companies that have been shown to have an excellent strategy for reducing climate change.

You can read more about environmental issues in Paperboard – the Iggesund Way and about our social, financial and environmental responsibility in Annual Report at

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
Chain of Custody according to FSC®
Chain of Custody according to PEFC
Energy management system standard ISO 50001
Swedac accreditation number 1740 ISO/IEC 17025


Knowledge material

The Paperboard Product Catalogue is part of the Iggesund Anchor Material, a body of information material that consists of the following publications:

  • Paperboard Reference Manual
  • Paperboard Product Catalogue
  • Paperboard – the Iggesund Way
  • Graphics Handbook

The Product Catalogue gives you

  • Facts and figures about paperboard properties
  • General technical information about paperboard handling, quality assurance, product safety regulations, sustainability and paperboard terminology.

The objective of the Iggesund Anchor is to assist people involved in specifying, selecting, printing, converting or using paperboard. The experienced paperboard user as well as the not-so-frequent user should find the information they require within this information package.

The Paperboard Reference Manual contains information about:

  • Basic facts about paperboard
  • Paperboard appearance and performance properties, and their interdependencies
  • Paperboard conversion methods and the possibilities/requirements they place on paperboard properties.

Paperboard – the Iggesund Way contains basic facts about Invercote and Incada and the paperboard manufacturing process. It also describes the customer benefits available through Iggesund Paperboard’s mills and paperboard manufacturing processes, customer support and service.

The Graphic Handbook gives both the designer and printer basic knowledge about paperboard and its possibilities, and about the differences between using paperboard and paper for graphical production. The information in the Iggesund Anchor is correct at publication. It is subject to review as part of Iggesund Paperboard’s commitment to continuing product development.



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Customers can reach us at the following telephone numbers:

Toll free number +800 50 100 300 for Packaging and Graphics and +800 50 100 200 for Tobacco. This number can be reached from most countries by land line telephones. Mobile access will depend on your mobile provider. In other cases, direct numbers per region and end-use area can be found at or please call  the switchboard number for your region.
Local toll free numbers:

+359 325 71 610
+30 2111 985 115

+ 34 902 042 203
United States
+1 201 804 9977
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Customer Service Asia:
+65 6392 6866
+65 6392 2303

Switchboard numbers:

Iggesund Paperboard Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Iggesund Paperboard Asia
Hong Kong
+852 2516 0250 
+65 6392 8600 
Iggesund Paperboard Inc., Lyndhurst, United States
+1 201 804 99 77
Iggesund Paperboard, Head Office, Iggesund, Sweden
+46 650 280 00
Iggesund Paperboard, Workington, United Kingdom
+44 1900 601 000



Black figures are best grown from green assets

Our approach to sustainability is one of care – for the environment, for our people and the people we come in contact with.

We also relate sustainability to business; both to our own and to our customers'.

We believe that black figures are best grown from green assets and that sustainability only can be approached with a long term perspective and a holistic view.


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