Metalprint Digital

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Product description

Paperboard with metallised PET laminated to the print side providing excellent conditions for decorative printings where a luxurious appeal is required. The metallised PET has an exceptionally good surface smoothness with the ability to faithfully reproduce the most sophisticated printing images.

Metalprint Digital is especially developed and certified for printing  without pre-treatment in the HP Indigo 4-series one shot. This eliminates the need for an additional priming step and makes the digital print process even more efficient.

Additional properties

  • Metallised surface ready to print on
  • Exceptionally good surface smoothness
  • Very good barrier properties

Vapor              Oxygen


Typical end use areas

Generally in applications where a luxury appeal is required

Wine and spirits
Perfume and cosmetics
Hair care and toiletries

Baseboard/Grammage guide

Information on baseboard properties is found under Paperboard products in the Product Catalogue.


Printing side: 29 g/m2 Metalprint
Grammage range according to the specific baseboard
Reverse side: No coating

For Metalprint the estimated increase in stiffness as a result of the lamination process is, for machine direction 5-12%, for cross direction 14-24%, in relation to the specified baseboard value.

PropertyPrinting sideReverse sideToleranceTest method

Grammage (g/m2)



±10 %

ISO 536

Added thickness (µm)




Calculated value

Surface roughness (µm)

≤ 1



ISO 8791

Adhesion (scale)

5 (typical)


≥ 3



1) When produced. After delivery the level can be affected by conditions beyond our control.


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