Board laminates

Board laminates are made by back-to-back pasting of a baseboard. The printing surfaces of the print and reverse sides are therefore identical. Board laminations are significantly stiffer and stronger than standard board grades, and are therefore especially suitable for various display applications and different types of rigid, exclusive gift packs.

To achieve special properties it is also possible to paste the baseboards face-to-back and face-to-face. The construction of the gluing machine even allows triple or fourfold lamination. The laminated boards are available with improvements like PE (polyethylene) coating or foil-/film lamination for specific needs, such as outdoor displays or strong packaging with a special printing surface characteristics.

Conversion advice

Detailed recommendations on conversion are given in the Paperboard Reference Manual.

Printing and varnishing

The print and reverse side surfaces of the products have identical printing and varnishing properties. The most frequently used printing methods are screen, sheetfed offset litho and flexography. A good print gloss is easily achieved. Inks for coated surfaces should be selected. The most frequently used types of varnish are water based, spirit and alcohol based and UV cured. A good varnish gloss is easily achieved. It is important to select UV varnishes which are compatible with the inks to be used.

Printing press

If possible printing presses with large cylinder diameters should be used. Due to the high compressibility of the material we recommend using lower pressure than normal. This is possible because of the smooth printing surface.

Printing inks

Rapid setting inks are not recommended because of the large increase in ink tack that can be caused by ink drying within the printing nip. Low tack inks are recommended.


Both Invercote Duo and Incada Duo can be glued with both emulsion (water based) and hot melt adhesives. With both types of adhesive initial tack, fibre tear and secure mature bonds can be achieved over a wide range of speeds and conditions of use.


The final print result depends on many parameters and their interaction. Other parameters that may influence the final print result are the age and compressibility of the rubber blankets, the viscosity and temperature of the ink, fountain solution water, printing speed, etc. If further advice or recommendations are needed, please contact your Technical Service Manager.


Restrictions for Invercote Duo and Incada Duo
Available in sheets only
Max size: 1630 x 1800 mm
Min size: 480 x 550 mm
Max pallet height: 1140 mm

Creasing recommendations

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Please observe that these are general recommendations and adjustments might be necessary in each case. Invercote Duo has excellent creasing properties allowing deep and narrow creases, and is very easy to fold. It also has excellent embossing properties allowing sharp and deep embossings. This high quality embossing is also possible when performed together with hot foil stamping. Incada Duo can be creased efficiently. It can be embossed and hot foil stamped.


Height of cutting rule, H=23.8 mm Groove depth, tf = tn – 0.1 mm
Invercote Duo Creasing rule
Thickness1) (µm) Groove width, bn (mm) Matrix thickness2), tn (mm) Height, Hr (mm) Thickness, br (mm)
410 1.5 0.6 23.2 1.0
470 1.6 0.7 23.1 1.0
540 1.8 0.8 23.0 1.0
600 1.9 0.9 22.9 1.0
660 1.9 0.8 22.9 1.0
720 2.2 0.9 22.8 1.4
790 2.4 1.0 22.7 1.4
870 2.6 1.1 22.6 1.4
930 2.7 1.2 22.5 1.4
1010 2.9 1.3 22.4 1.4

1) 410-660 µm Recommendations are made with ±0.0 mm penetration (DIN)
660-1010 µm Recommendations are made with ±0.10 mm penetration (DIN)
2) Matrix (Pertinax)

Height of cutting rule, H=23.8 mm Groove depth, tf = tn – 0.1 mm
Incada Duo Creasing rule
Thickness1) (µm) Groove width, bn (mm) Matrix thickness2), tn (mm) Height, Hr (mm) Thickness, br (mm)
600 1.9 0.7 23.0 1.0
670 2.0 0.8 22.9 1.0
790 2.2 0.9 22.8 1.0
890 2.7 1.0 22.7 1.4
990 2.9 1.1 22.6 1.4
1) 670 - 990 µm Recommendations are made with ±0.0 mm penetration (DIN)
2) Matrix (Pertinax)



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