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Paperboard – a natural material

As a material, paperboard is special. It is the material with the highest added value within the material system comprised of paper and paperboard, and is most often used for packaging and high-quality printed materials.

This material system includes everything from virgin fibre-based paperboards, such as Invercote and Incada, to paper products made of fibres that have been repeatedly recycled. In the market for paper-based products, pricing is typically based more on price per unit of weight than price in relation to the end result in terms of its functions, visual appearance and economy of production.

In a typical advertising or packaging project, great effort is taken to find the right designer and photographer, and to handle all the produced material in the optimal way throughout the production chain. As manufacturers of high-quality paperboard, we are sometimes astonished at how casually many producers of packaging and printed materials choose their input material, after having taken considerable care over the quality of the entire process that precedes printing or converting. It is easy to find expensive catalogues or cartons whose colour-printed areas have cracked along the crease even before any consumer or reader has handled them. There are also countless brochures, whose cover, if it had been made of stiff paperboard instead of thick fine paper, would have had far greater impact on the recipient’s experience of quality.

Virgin fibre-based paperboard is the paper-based material with the greatest added value, and for many applications there are simpler and more cost-effective solutions. However, for anyone who wants the possibility of creating more complex shapes to attract attention, for anyone who wants taint- and odour neutrality, or for anyone who is looking for the ultimate in printing properties, our virgin fibre-based paperboards, Invercote and Incada, are interesting options. If the potential purchaser then explores how these paperboards behave in graphic post-production or in packaging lines, the conclusion is even more clear: the key issue is not price per kilo, it is performance. When purchasing the input material, it is important to assess the cost per useable end product instead of merely considering the price per kilo.



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