Performance properties

The performance properties are related to the physical characteristics of the paperboard. These properties relate to how the paperboard will withstand the surrounding environment. The following performance properties are described in this chapter:
• flatness and dimensional stability
• strength and toughness
• stiffness
• box compression strength.

Measurable properties

The measurable properties are those which are commonly found when describing the technical data for a paperboard grade. The methods described are those most commonly used. They are also used by Iggesund Paperboard.

For further information about specific testing equipment see the manufacturers’ product catalogues
(e.g. Lorentzen & Wettre).

The measuring methods for the properties listed are described in the following pages:    
• tensile strength
• tearing resistance
• interlayer strength, plybond
• bending stiffness
• bending resistance
• bending moment
• density
• dimensional properties - Flatness
• grammage
• grammage (plastic-coated products)
• thickness
• compression strength
• moisture content
• stiffness
• curl and twist.


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