Reference Manual

The Paperboard Reference Manual contains information about:

  • Basic facts about paperboard
  • Paperboard appearance and performance properties, and their interdependencies
  • Paperboard conversion methods and the possibilities/requirements they place on paperboard properties

When Iggesund published the Paperboard Reference Manual in 1992 it was an attempt to create a reference manual for everyone who works professionally with paperboard material. Over the years the manual has been much appreciated, and in addition to its purely professional use within the graphics and packaging industries, the manual also features in courses given by a number of universities and other third-level educational institutions. Our ambition has been to maintain a high level of factuality and neutrality of information so that the Paperboard Reference Manual will remain a credible work of reference.

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Paperboard Reference Manual

Detailed information about paperboard.

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Paperboard know-how

To help you get the most out of your purchase and production we have developed a collection of information, presented in four printed publications. This collection assists you in specifying, selecting, printing, converting or using paperboard through hands-on, practical, technical information as well as inspirational material.



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