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Iggesund Mill is an integrated mill which manufactures solid bleached board (SBB, GZ) from chemical pulp. The product family is called Invercote and is used for the highest quality graphics products and packaging. CD covers and exclusive packaging for perfumes, chocolate and cigarettes are examples of applications. The mill has approximately 800 employees and two board machines with a combined annual production capacity of approximately 330,000 tonnes of paperboard.

KM 1 (board machine 1)KM 2 (board machine 2)
Capacity 145,000 tonnes Capacity 185,000 tonnes
Start-up year 1963 Start-up year 1971
Major rebuilds 2001 and 2004 Major rebuilds 1995 and 2007
Machine hall length 250 m Machine hall length 300 m
Board machine length 170 m Board machine length 270 m
Web width 3.87 m Web width 4.65 m
Speed 200-430 m/min Speed 200-550 m/min
Grammages 180-380 g/m² Grammages 180-400 g/m²


Strömsbruk is Iggesund Paperboard’s facility for the additional finishing of paperboard products from both Iggesund and Workington. Here paperboard is coated with different kinds of plastics to create barriers or heat resistance for the task at hand, is laminated with films or foils for graphical effects and enhanced barrier function, or is glue laminated to obtain extra high thickness and stiffness.

Application areas include the packaging of frozen and chilled food, confectionery, cosmetics and drinks. Strömsbruk has two production lines for plastic extrusion coating and lamination plus one line for glue lamination with the combined capacity to coat about 45,000 tonnes of paperboard per year.

BM2 extruder. Extra unwind station for alufoil and films.

BM3 tandem extruder
Glue laminating machine LM1
2 Sheeters, AM4, AM7
2 Rewinders, RM2, RM9

Workington Mill in northern England is an integrated mill which manufactures folding box board (FBB, GC1, GC2) from bleached mechanical pulp with outer layers of bleached chemical pulp. The product family is called Incada and used for packaging of confectionery, cosmetics, frozen and dry food, tobacco and for greeting cards and book covers. Workington's board machine has an annual capacity of approximately 200 000 tonnes of folding box board.

BM 2 (board machine 2)
Capacity 183,000 tonnes
Start-up year 1982
Major rebuilds 1999/2004
Machine hall length 280 m
Board machine length 200 m
Web width 5.60 m
Speed 550 m/min
Grammages 200-350 g/m²


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