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At Iggesund we believe in a simple definition of service. Good service leads to satisfied customers. This kind of service is not just about reliability of supply. It also includes the knowledge we can pass on to our customers so that they can make the best use of their paperboard, the on-site technical support we offer, and possibly also the inspiration we can provide regarding possible applications for Invercote and Incada.

A paperboard supplier of Iggesund’s breadth has to satisfy the needs of highly diverse markets – from staple foods and postcards to luxury cosmetics and exclusive book covers.

The paperboard industry is highly capital intensive, and its viability depends on large volume production using sophisticated machinery and technologically advanced process control.

A paperboard manufacturer thrives best on long production runs, large volumes and few product changes. In contrast, the market demands smaller and smaller volumes per delivery, bespoke sheet sizes, and a variety of thicknesses, print surfaces, special finishes, just-in-time delivery, and so on.

For the paperboard producer, the key to good service is therefore the ability to overcome this apparent contradiction between the supplier’s and the customer’s ideal worlds.

Local, comprehensive service

We have sales offices in Amsterdam (for the European market), Iggesund (for MEA), New Jersey (for the US market) as well as in Singapore and Hong Kong for the Asian market. These sales offices offer our customers complete commercial and technical customer support. We have organised our resources of people, technology and systems to suit our customers’ priorities. Customers’ needs are constantly evolving and market conditions are ever changing. The service we offer is based on some simple principles:

  • Locally based account managers and technical service managers. Account coordinators in the sales offices speak the languages of their local markets.
  • Sheeting facilities close to our main markets, as well as at our mills, ensure the rapid delivery of small orders.
  • Distribution centres close to our customers.
  • A wide network of selected merchants supplement direct mill orders.



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Production planning

The continuous process of paperboard manufacture requires incoming customer orders to be grouped according to product, thickness and grammage. This optimises production efficiency and quality consistency and reduces costs. Orders are grouped into production cycles of 10, 20 or 40 days depending on the product and grammage. Products which are most in demand are manufactured every ten days. During a manufacturing cycle the grammages and thicknesses being produced are altered in the smallest possible steps, thereby minimising sudden extreme changes in the process and reducing disruption and wastage.

Because customer orders are to bespoke dimensions, the process of grouping them together to minimise waste on the board machine (a process known as “deckling”) is both crucial and complex.

Our sales personnel are in constant touch with the manufacturing plan of the mill, so that delivery dates and product availability information can be quickly given to customers.


The provision of a fast and flexible delivery service from paperboard mills to customers who may be geographically remote from the supplier requires precise planning and implementation. Different distribution channels, such as mill orders, express orders from the sheeting stations and merchant stock ensure a high level of availability.

Iggesund Paperboard has well established sheeting facilities where we operate. By sheeting from stock reels we can meet customers’ special requirements in a way that would be impossible if we only supplied directly from our mills. This service concept provides fast and reliable delivery.

Partnership with merchants

Some customers require their paperboard in small quantities or with very short lead times. This service cannot be cost-effectively provided from the mill. Iggesund Paperboard’s products are therefore available through the network of merchants who specialise in serving these needs.

Technical support

Iggesund Paperboard offers customers extensive technical support. For each market or sales area there is a technical service manager who can be called upon to give advice and assistance to customers on technical matters. Additional expertise is available from the Technical Service Departments at the mills. The production units have well equipped laboratory facilities. We also have access to expertise within the wider Holmen Group and various professional trade and research bodies associated with the conversion, printing and packaging industries.

The main task of our own Laboratory for Sensory and Chemical Analyses is to ensure the odour and taste neutrality of Invercote and Incada. The laboratory is an accredited institution for conducting sensory measurements. Over the years it has helped our customers both with problem analysis and development projects regarding barrier properties and the odour and taste properties of packaging.




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