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Paperboard is a natural material with many applications. As a print medium, paperboard can withstand all the strains and stresses involved in the use of advanced finishing techniques. Paperboard is also highly durable, ensuring that printed materials will last for a long time. Typical graphical applications are book covers, cards, gift cards, point of sales displays, DVD and other media covers. Paperboard packaging is a competitive method of conveying products from the manufacturer to the consumer while also being easy to recycle. In terms of graphic design, paperboard’s excellent printing properties give brand owners great freedom to express their brand’s individuality and thereby attract the consumer’s attention.

Compared with other materials, paperboard made of virgin fibres has high performance and relatively low weight. It is safe for consumers to use because it contains known substances and is made in the same way every time. All paperboard manufactured by Iggesund Paperboard conforms to the relevant legislation and follows applicable product safety recommendations.

In most cases paperboard packaging remains folded or flat until the products are packed. Thanks to paperboard’s small volume and low weight, large amounts of energy are saved in the transport chain. Paperboard cartons can be dimensioned to maximise the use of loading pallets, which leads to further significant energy savings in the distribution chain. When paperboard cartons have served their purpose they can be folded and compressed before being transported to a suitable recycling station. At every step of the way, paperboard packaging saves more energy and has lower environmental impact than most other packaging solutions.

Paperboard is made from timber, which is a renewable resource. Sunlight and water make the trees grow, while they also bind carbon dioxide and give off the oxygen essential to life. The forest’s closed ecological loop gives us the raw material for paperboard, while used cartons and printed matter have their own role to play in the recycling system of a sustainable society.

Paperboard Specialists

1323_4_555.jpgIggesund Paperboard is one of the largest producers of virgin fibre-based paperboard in Europe. We manufacture and market paperboard for graphical products and packaging that require the best possible functional and aesthetic attributes. Production occurs in facilities that have high levels of investment, the best available technology and employees who are paperboard specialists. Our control of our raw materials is unique – if we ourselves have not grown and monitored the trees that will eventually become paperboard, then we have ensured their origins via a certification process.


Our mills are located at Iggesund in Sweden and Workington in the United Kingdom. We also have a specialist conversion plant located at Strömsbruk in Sweden, close to Iggesund. There, paperboard is extrusion coated with plastic or laminated with paperboard, foil or film for applications with specific requirements for barrier properties or appearance.

Iggesund’s roots date back to 1685. We are paperboard specialists with a focus on the very highest quality segment. Our hallmark is high, consistent quality – a prerequisite if customers are to be able to get the best possible performance from the paperboard they have bought.

Each paperboard sheet is carefully specified with some 30 values, many of which also have stated tolerances to ensure our customers’ peace of mind. To support our customers, we also have a global service organisation and an extensive library of information about paperboard and its use.

Our philosophy is to have well educated and highly motivated employees, to use advanced technology combined with quality and operational support systems that conform to internationally recognised standards, and to coordinate these resources in order to develop a long-term relationship with our customers.

Our focus on quality is not limited to our products; it is also reflected in our service to our customers. It encompasses everything from locally based market technicians who meet with our customers in their own production environments, to offering creative inspiration in the form of examples of printed materials and packaging solutions. Backing all this up is our extensive collection of in-depth information material, which gives our customers the knowledge they need to make the most out of Invercote or Incada’s performance potential.

Since our production of high-quality paperboard is based on wood fibre, it is in our own interest to address the issue of sustainability and to work towards it. The forests upon which our company depends must be managed in a responsible way and with a long-term perspective. 




Our products must be extracted, manufactured, distributed, and recycled or disposed of within the environmental protection framework required by today’s society. Iggesund Paperboard’s production units at Iggesund, Strömsbruk and Workington are certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC® (FSC-C110018)).

Iggesund and Strömsbruk are also certified in accordance with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC™ (2778)). The current certificates can be downloaded from our website,

We form part of the Holmen Group, a Swedish forest industry group with a long-term and sustainable approach. The group, which manufactures newsprint, paperboard and sawn timber products, is listed as one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies, largely thanks to its own forest holdings and hydroelectricity production plus its continual efforts to limit the environmental impact of its industrial processes.

Invercote & Incada

Invercote and Incada are Iggesund’s two product families. Invercote is a solid bleached board and Incada is a folding box board. In both cases they have a wide range of applications, from graphical applications like brochures and covers for books and CDs to packaging. Which of our product families is most suitable for any particular application depends on the customer’s requirements in each specific case.


Product Safety

It almost goes without saying that a company that makes paperboard for consumer use can only market products that do not pose any danger to consumers.

The use of pure virgin fibres and the meticulous monitoring of the manufacturing process mean that our products meet all product safety and hygiene requirements. Detailed information about product safety regulations is given in Iggesund Paperboard’s Product Catalogue.

Invercote and Incada are sold throughout the world, even though our main market is Europe. Iggesund’s coordination centre for European sales is in Amsterdam. We also have sales companies in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. Sales to other markets are handled at our head office in Iggesund, Sweden.

To ensure reliable service we have our own sheeting capacity in Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands and France. This is complemented by sheeting collaboration in the United States and Asia.

Iggesund Paperboard’s goal is to be a profitable company with a long-term approach by offering the packaging and graphical industries paperboard that meets customer demands for functional products, good service and high quality. This involves to an equal extent not only satisfying customer demands today but also anticipating future requirements.


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