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Paperboard is a natural material with many applications. As a print medium, paperboard can withstand all the strains and stresses involved in the use of advanced finishing techniques. Paperboard is also highly durable, ensuring that printed materials will last for a long time. Typical graphical applications are book covers, cards, and CD and DVD covers. Paperboard packaging is a competitive method of transporting products from the manufacturer to the consumer while also being easy to recycle. In terms of graphic design, paperboard’s excellent printing properties give brand owners great freedom to express their brand’s individuality and thereby attract the consumer’s attention.

Compared with other materials, paperboard made of virgin fibres has high performance and relatively low weight. It is safe for consumers to use because it contains known substances and is made in the same way every time. All paperboard products manufactured by Iggesund Paperboard conform to the relevant legislation and follow applicable product safety recommendations.

In most cases paperboard packaging remains folded or flat until the products are packed. Thanks to paperboard’s small volume and low weight, large amounts of energy are saved in the transport chain. Paperboard cartons can be dimensioned to maximise the use of loading pallets, which leads to further significant energy savings in the distribution chain. When paperboard cartons have served their purpose they can be folded and compressed before being transported to a suitable recycling station. At every step of the way, paperboard packaging saves more energy and has lower environmental impact than most other packaging solutions.

Paperboard is made from timber, which is a renewable resource. Sunlight and water make the trees grow while they also bind carbon dioxide and give off the oxygen essential to life. The forest’s closed ecological loop gives us the raw material for paperboard, while used cartons and printed matter have their own role to play in the recycling systems of a sustainable society.

Invercote and Incada

Invercote and Incada are Iggesund’s two product families. Invercote is a solid bleached board and Incada is a folding box board. In both cases they have a wide range of applications, from graphical applications like brochures and covers for books and CDs to packaging. Which of our product families is most suitable for any particular application depends on the customer’s requirements in each specific case.


When creased correctly paperboard can be
folded and unfolded many times without cracking.

Varnishing can give the printed surface
an extra lustre.


Iggesund Paperboard manufactures a range of paperboard products at Iggesund in Sweden and Workington in England as well as plastic extrusions and laminations for paperboard at Strömsbruk in Sweden. These facilities have been paperboard production units for the better part of a century, thereby helping to advance the craft, skill and tradition of paperboard manufacture.

The company

All sales of Iggesund Paperboard’s products in Europe are coordinated at our sales office in Amsterdam. We also have sales offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States, as well as in Iggesund. We have organised our technological systems and human resources to suit our customers’ priorities and provide complete commercial and technical customer support. Customers’ needs are constantly evolving and market conditions are ever changing. The service we provide is based on some simple principles:

  1. Locally based account managers and technical service managers. Account coordinators in the sales office in Amsterdam speak the local languages.
  2. Sheeting facilities close to our main markets, as well as at our mills, ensure the rapid delivery of small orders.
  3. Distribution centres close to our customers.
  4. Direct mill orders are supplemented by a wide network of selected merchants.


Packaging in general and paperboard and paperboard-making processes in particular are all subject to environmental scrutiny. As a paperboard supplier Iggesund takes responsibility for the environmental impact of our products from the sourcing of our raw materials through our manufacturing processes.

Environmental management systems are in place at all our mills (ISO 14001). The Holmen Group's forest management routines are approved in accordance with the FSC® (FSC-C110018) and PEFC™ (2778) standards as well as certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. Both our mills hold chain of custody certifications (CoC) in accordance with FSC and Iggesunds Bruk also holds CoC certification with PEFC. This enables our certified customers to be part of the certification chain.

Our aim is that our processes will meet environmental requirements with good margins and we ensure that our products are safe for handling and use. Both mills operate in accordance with the energy management system standard SS 62 77 50.



Sustainable forest management ensures both continued access to raw materials and biodiversity.


Packaging waste and associated landfill issues are a major concern in some countries. For a long time used paper and paperboard have proven to be easy to recover – both as a raw material for recycled fibre products and increasingly for energy recovery. Iggesund's energy use is based on biofuels and we have initiated programmes to further reduce the use of fossil fuels, thereby reducing fossil carbon dioxide emissions.

Paperboard has a low carbon footprint compared to other packaging materials. The raw material, timber, is harvested from managed forests that absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Because no uniform methods of measuring carbon footprint exist, we refrain from making any specific claims.

One tonne — knowledge included

To achieve the best results in the printing process or in packaging manufacture, you need not only a high-quality base material but also knowledge about how to use that material in the best possible way.

For a number of decades Iggesund Paperboard has systematically compiled and made available to its customers an extensive body of knowledge material — the Iggesund Anchor Material — in order to help increase the user's ability to make the best use of Invercote and Incada at all stages.





The Iggesund Anchor Material is intended to assist people involved in specifying, selecting, printing, converting or using paperboard.

Iggesund Paperboard’s Graphics Handbook is the part of our paperboard information package that deals with printing and finishing from the viewpoint of our graphics customers. The Graphics Handbook gives both the designer and printer basic knowledge about paperboard and its possibilities, and about the differences between using paperboard and paper as the base material for graphical production.

Paperboard offers the designer more possibilities than ordinary paper. Strength, bulk and dimensional stability permit a broader range of designs and finishing techniques. Basic knowledge about paperboard is a prerequisite for mastering the creative possibilities offered by paperboard and for selecting the right paperboard type for each specific application. The inspirational section of the Graphics Handbook contains examples of creative solutions and the more production-oriented section provides advice and support to transform your creative ideas into efficient production.

The Product Catalogue gives you
  • facts and figures about the properties of Invercote and Incada
  • product specifications
  • general technical information about paperboard handling, quality assurance, product safety regulations, sustainability and paperboard terminology.

The Paperboard Reference Manual contains information about:
  • basic paperboard facts
  • paperboard appearance and performance properties, and how they are related
  • paperboard conversion methods and the requirements they place on paperboard properties. 

Paperboard – the Iggesund Way contains basic facts about Invercote and Incada and the paperboard manufacturing process. It also describes the customer benefits available through Iggesund Paperboard's mills and paperboard manufacturing processes, customer support and service.


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