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Paperboard can do for you whatever paper can and so much more. The clean, white sheet with its smooth surface is the starting point for achieving excellent graphic presentation of photographic images, decorative designs in soft pastel shades, or strong bold colours in large solid areas. By choosing the right paperboard you can also gain high light stability so that your creation will retain its whiteness for a long time.

Another factor which makes paperboard superior to paper is its stiffness, even at lower grammages. This is extremely rewarding because it creates a tactile sense of quality in applications such as brochure and book covers, cards, displays and menus. There are also times when you need the reverse side to have a different surface finish. You can easily achieve this feature with paperboard thanks to its multi-ply construction.


The whiteness makes it possible to achieve
excellent graphical presentation in true colours
and with perfect contrast between illustrations
and unprinted areas.

The smooth surface permits a high- quality
graphical presentation. Good rub and abrasion
resistance preserves the presentation and
prevents deterioration.


Overview of printing methods

With paperboard you are free to use all available printing techniques. The main conventional methods for graphical applications are offset litho and screen print but digital printing is developing rapidly. Each technique offers different characteristics, thus giving you vast opportunities to choose the right paperboard for your design.

As always, you need to take into account the specific purpose for which your design is intended. Is it to be short lived or long lived, exposed to outdoor changes of weather or designed to attract attention on a shop shelf? What kind of impression do you want to create, how many colours will there be, and which finishing techniques will be applied before completion? With paperboard – as with paper – there are always some major decisions to make before going into production.


Each printing technique is limited not only by efficiency but often also by sheet size and thickness.


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