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As we said before, paperboard is a forgiving base material. This becomes particularly obvious when it comes to the finishing operations. Below the strong, smooth and white surface you find all the strengths you need to carry out the most demanding applications. Whether you just add a varnish to highlight the graphic presentation or you produce the most advanced designs in multi-step processes, you can rely on getting excellent results.

In post-press finishing you will discover how well the substrate performs in practice when it comes to runnability and cost effectiveness in the different processes. The multi-ply construction and surface characteristics of our paperboard products facilitate a wide range of finishing options. We describe the runnability aspects in conjunction with the different sections in this chapter.

Finishing techniques place different demands on the substrate. The following paperboard features allow you to make the most of your finishing options.

Strength and toughness are measurable as tensile strength, tearing resistance, delamination strength and compression strength. These properties are vital for achieving intricate designs such as embossing and complex structural shapes.

Creasing and folding abilities depend on a complex combination of factors such as tensile strength, compression strength, delamination strength, bending resistance, flatness, and dimensional stability. These factors are vital for the paperboard’s ability to “forgive” the permanent deformation of deep and narrow creases and to retain the intended shape of folds.

Flatness and dimensional stability are vital for achieving excellent results in the finishing operations. The choice and composition of raw materials combined with carefully controlled manufacturing processes result in a paperboard that retains its flatness and dimensional stability throughout all operations. However, since paperboard is a hygroscopic material, it should not be exposed to conditions that affect its moisture content. Please refer to the chapter “Handling” for information on how to prevent moisture problems.

The above-mentioned paperboard characteristics plus many more are described in the Iggesund Reference Manual and most are specified in the Product Catalogue.


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