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What is paperboard?

Paperboard is a natural material with many applications. It is a thin and flat material in sheet form made up from an interlaced network of cellulose fibres. Usually paperboard is made in several layers combined together in the wet state.

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Why choose paperboard?

Is paperboard the obvious choice for graphical or packaging uses? This guide gives you a choice of paperboard suggestions for specific end use demands like example cosmetics, food and graphics etc.

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100% virgin fibre

Using virgin fibres to produce paperboard for packaging and graphical end uses means using a natural raw material. Virgin fibres are by nature strong, elastic, pure and of known origin. Both Invercote and Incada are produced using fresh fibre only, giving them superior mechanical and visual properties and also purity for product safety. 

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Get the most out of your paperboard

Do you want to improve your possibilities and getting the most out of your paperboard material?

In the Reference Manual we place great emphasis on paperboard properties since these define and limit the performance and what is possible to achieve with this natural material – whether that performance involves effectively conveying a message or efficiently transporting a product throughout the entire value chain.

Shine brighter with Metalprint

For that extra something that gets the customer to stop right at your packaging, try Metalprint. Read our short guide for making the most out of the mirror-like paperboard.

Creative paperboard

What effects can I achieve by using paperboard instead of paper for graphics applications? When is paperboard the best solution and what can I do with it? Discover the answers to these and many more questions in the Graphics Handbook, which gives examples of many different techniques and describes how to achieve them.

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Product catalogue

The Product Catalogue presents facts and figures on the properties of all Iggesund Paperboard products. It also provides general technical information, paperboard handling, quality assurance, product safety regulations, environment and paperboard terminology.

About Our Products

Finishing techniques

Paperboard is a forgiving base material. This becomes particularly obvious when it comes to the finishing operations. Below the strong, smooth and white surface you find all the strengths you need to carry out the most demanding applications.

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The making of Invercote

See how the leading paperboard Invercote is produced at the Iggesund Mill in Sweden. Invercote is a board extremely suited for packaging where demands on print quality and structural design are very high. High quality and consistency are key elements in the production economy for customers in both packaging and graphics.

Digital print

Digital printing is demanding. Jumping through hoops is a necessity to meet previously unheard of deadlines. Shorter lead times are the rule and then there is the expectation to achieve “picture perfect” printing, combined with die cuts, folds, embossing, varnishes and more.

Paperboard know-how

To help you get the most out of your purchase and production we have developed a collection of information, presented in four printed publications. This collection assists you in specifying, selecting, printing, converting or using paperboard through hands-on, practical, technical information as well as inspirational material.


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