Invercote Creato

Invercote Creato offers outstanding aesthetic printing properties on equal, fully coated sides. The smooth surface is tailored to faithfully reproduce the most sophisticated printed images. Combined with excellent structural characteristics, this makes Invercote Creato ideal for the most demanding graphical and packaging applications. With better production efficiencies, package design functionality and print reproduction, it pays to use nature's best paperboard.

The beauty of pure, natural packaging

Excellent foiling and embossing results are enabled by Invercote Creato's smooth surface and excellent mechanical properties. In short, a material that always makes an impact, on the shelf or in the hand of the consumer. Deep embossing can add an extra touch of class to premium packaging and printed matter. Invercote’s high quality virgin fibre and multi-ply construction absorb the stress of the embossing process allowing for deeper, more tactile impressions. The whiteness level is tailored to ensure the best print contrast and colour reproduction properties required for high-end print productions. A patented coating formula provides outstanding lightfastness, giving the end products a longer life.

Read more: “Invercote’s tear resistance and dimensional stability are incredibly important to us as a company making sophisticated movable constructions from paper material.”

Lucio Santoro, Santoro Graphics

Thanks to its composition of solid bleached primary fibres, Invercote Creato has a superior strength and toughness compared to board grades that contain mechanical or recycled fibres or single-ply bleached primary fibre board. This strength gives several advantages in designing and producing of brochures, covers and cards of various kinds. In addition to traditional printing techniques, Invercote Creato is qualified and certified for most digital printing presses on the market today and suitable for digital finishing technology. Due to the excellent consistency of Invercote Creato, its performance is predictable and reliable, making repeat print runs with the same machine settings and excellent print results possible.

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Nordic motifs on intricate Christmas card

Iggesund has a long tradition of producing graphically sophisticated and eyecatching Christmas cards in order to show what can be achieved with Invercote and Incada.

For the 2015 Christmas Card the UK company Santoro Graphics, known for its 3D greeting cards, created a card with Scandinavian motifs ranging from wolves and spruce trees to fish below the ice.

Sustainability the Invercote way

Invercote is a world leader in paperboard performance. What is less well known is that the same is true for sustainability.

One of the most important prerequisites for sustainability is profitability, because without it there are no resources to invest in improving environmental performance.



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