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The Incada family consists of products customised for different end-user applications. Incada® is produced at Iggesund Paperboard’s Workington Mill, and have the highest quality and holds a prominent position in the market. Incada is a multi-layered Folding Box Board (FBB) based entirely on virgin fibre of known and traceable origin. It is produced at a site that is 100 per cent driven by bio-energy and where pulp production is integrated with the paperboard mill.

Incada is used for various graphical applications, such as picture postcards, brochures and book covers, and also for the packaging of cosmetics, health care items, confectionery, pharmaceuticals and tobacco products. Incada is also an ideal base for plastic extrusion coating and laminations.

Performance, purity, power, perfection, pride

To deliver not just paperboard but a product that constantly performs at a very high level is central to our mindset at Workington Mill. The purity of all ingredients and of the production processes is essential for maximum visual impact with a very small carbon footprint. All the people working at the mill, their experience, commitment and ingenuity add considerably to the power of Incada. In the end, when we see the results on the shelves or in the hands of our customers, we know that striving for perfection has been worthwhile.

Read more: "Incada was the perfect choice because it is a clean virgin board that offers a great printing surface, as well as strong properties in the freezer."

Ian Schofield, Iceland Design Team

Where power meets perfection

There’s an instant whiteness impression, making Incada suitable for cosmetics and toiletries, as well as graphical applications. Additionally, a refined coating enhances this whiteness even further. All these benifits with Incada enables our customers to reduce their packaging weights while keeping the same protection for the contents. With Incada you are always guaranteed the best quality.

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Product Catalogue

The Product Catalogue presents all of Iggesund Paperboard’s products with a specification sheet and a printed A4-sample. It provides facts and figures about paperboard properties and it also gives technical information about paperboard terminology, handling, quality assurance, product safety regulations and sustainability.



Sustainability the Incada way

Paperboard is lightweight, stiff, versatile and renewable. In the folding box board sector Incada is a leader not only in terms of its performance but also with regards to environmental sustainability.

One of the most important requirements for sustainability is profitability because without good profitability it is impossible to invest in environmental improvements.

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