Beat plastic pollution, one movie at a time!

5 June 2018

By Johan Granås
Sustainability Manager

Who lives in a timber house and loves ice-cream

We have all seen the horrible images of plastic polluted beaches in the news. We have watched underwater footage from “plastic soup oceans” on Youtube. Something definitely needs to be done! But what can I do, as only one individual? Well… how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

I am happy that this years’ World Environment Day is dedicated to the plastic pollution issue because it gives me opportunity to present you a couple of examples of the change that is happening, and how we all can contribute.

At Iggesund I meet many brand owners that have decided to put themselves on “plastic-detox” and start looking for alternatives. This winter I welcomed Sweden’s largest cinema chain, SF Bio (yes, that actually is their name!), to Iggesund to learn more about our materials. Now they have taken the plunge and are replacing all their plastic movie gift cards with paperboard cards.

“When our card supplier, Megacard, suggested we could make our gift cards from paperboard and thereby drastically reduce our environmental impact, it was self-evident to us to switch,” Anna Marcusson, product manager for gift cards at SF Bio, told me. Ok, you think, but gift cards for Swedish movie theatres, how much of an environmental impact can that have?!

“In plain language, it means we’re phasing out 10 tonnes of PVC a year, by replacing it with cards made of Invercote” Anna explained. 10 tonnes of plastics annually just for the Swedish movie gift cards! This goes to show that even what appear to be small things can mean a great improvement.

Another strong subscriber to the idea of plastic reduction is Iggesund partner in sustainable packaging, Apple. Last October, while Big Chief Tim Cook was in Iggesund checking out our process (link), Chris Busch and his team published Apple’s Paper and Packaging Strategy. Among other things, the report details how Apple succeeded in reducing the plastic content of the iPhone 7 packaging by 84 per cent compared with that of the iPhone 6s. If there is a will there is a way!

SF Bio gift cards and Apple iPhone packaging; Two extremes in the world of plastic substitution. One simple application from a small company and one significantly more complicated application from a giant! Everyone can do it!

But what can You do?

Next time you buy a product where you have an alternative to plastic packaging, go for that! Use your consumer power to tell all manufacturing companies that unnecessary plastic packaging is not cool any more. Not cool at all. Your ice cream, your underwear and your badminton balls, all of it can be packed in renewable packaging made of paper. Just make an active choice!

No one person can save the world, but we all can do something.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

How do we change the world? One movie gift card at a time!


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