Juniper-gravad Arctic char

(Serves 4)

2 filets Arctic char
50ml sugar
50ml salt
½ teaspoon crushed white peppers
1 tablespoon juniper berries

Start by crushing the juniper berries. Choose this year’s berries on the bush – the ones that are green. They have a much fresher, slightly citrus taste. Mix the berries with the rest of the ingredients and carefully rub into the Arctic char filets. Let stand at room temperature until everything has dissolved. Turn over occasionally. Leave in the fridge overnight. Cut the Arctic char up into thin slices or into pieces. If they are pieces, sear them on one side for a few seconds in a hot frying pan.

Serve with classic gravlax (dill & mustard) sauce or why not with preserved chanterelles (see the recipe for July).


Recipe Maria Andersson, Grill Manor



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