Hare sausage

5 metres of hog casing
Approx. 1.5kg boneless hare meat
500g pork belly
30g salt
5g coarsely ground black pepper
2g finely chopped fresh rosemary
100g pistachio nuts
100g dried apricots
100ml cold white wine

Start by soaking the hog casing in lukewarm water. Debone the hare and set the loins aside. Chop the pork and the rest of the hare into small pieces and freeze lightly. Mix with the spices and grind twice using a grinder plate with a large hole size. Cube the loins, chop the pistachio nuts and apricots. Stir into the mixture together with the wine. Test fry a sample so you can adjust the seasoning if necessary. 

Flush the hog casing and stuff the sausages. Tie them off in a suitable portion size and simmer them in salted water until they reach an internal temperature of 60° C. Freeze them or fry them a nice brown colour.

Goes well with mashed potatoes and a good mustard.


Recipe Jörgen Andersson, Grill Manor



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