Yulia Brodskaya

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Oprah loves her. So does Nokia. And Hermès. Yulia Brodskaya’s “paper graphic” technique fits hand-in-glove with the experimental paper trend that has swept the globe in the past few years. What is, in fact, an adaptation of an upper-class ladies’ pastime dating from the late 1800s has, in Yulia’s hands, become a professional expression of contemporary typography and graphic design — in three dimensions.

“I always had a special fascination with paper, but this technique really felt like me when I started to shape the paper strips,” she says. “I used it for the first time in 2008, and ever since that moment I have completely switched from drawing to paper artwork. I never looked back.”

DollarHead was made in 2011 for ESPN magazine.

So how does she do it? Initially, Yulia pencils a sketch of the motif, which she transfers onto firm paperboard. This is followed by gluing strips of heavy paper (250–350 gsm), thus creating the image. Sometimes the strips form an outline in a straightforward way, but most of the time they are used in a more mosaic or curly fashion. A logical next step, it seems, is to apply this technique to packaging.

“Sure, why not?” she says. “I am just waiting for a perfect brief. I am discussing some packaging projects for 2012, but everything is still at an early stage.”

Yulia also collects different kinds of paper.“It is extremely difficult to explain why you love something you love. Paper is so diverse, so versatile, and so flexible yet firm. I suppose it is an obsession of mine. Paper allows an endless number of treatments, and you can use it for an infinite number of things. Paper is just amazing!”


Name: Yulia Brodskaya. 
Age: 32.
Profession: Illustrator and artist. 
Based in: London. 
Brands on CV: New York Times, Wired, Washington Post, Starbucks, Nokia, Hermès, Cadbury, Penguin Press.
About packaging: I don’t throw away good packaging. I always try to find another use for it. I give it a second life. Web: www.artyulia.com

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