That final touch

For its new campaign aimed at the premium packaging industry, Iggesund turned to famed designer Uwe Melichar to make its message tangible.

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The packaging might be the last step of a product launch but it will be the customer’s first experience of your product – and thereby your best shot at awakening the right emotions in him or her. With its campaign “Your final touch is someone’s first” Iggesund confirms the old saying that first impressions last. The campaign highlights the fact that Iggesund enables and enhances prestigious brand experiences, and was aptly rolled out at Luxe Pack in Monaco. On board for the ride is Uwe Melichar, a packaging expert and designer at the German branding agency Factor. The agency has been developing, renewing and maintaining brands since 1993 and its client list includes Adidas and Disney. Melichar and his Hamburg-based team have created three innovative prototype cartons for Iggesund using Invercote to showcase the countless possibilities of working with paperboard.

“It was an honour for us to be asked to do this project,” he explains. “I’ve been working with Invercote for many years and it was fantastic to get such an open brief: Please surprise us with three prototype packaging designs that are in line with the campaign’s three ‘proof points’: the right white, superior durability and designer freedom. It was a great opportunity for us to show what we can do.”

“It was an honour for us to be asked to do this project.”

Uwe Melichar

What do you like about Invercote?

“There really is a freedom for the designer when working with Invercote. It allows a lot, it doesn’t break in the corners, and the surface is great. The inspiration for this project came mainly from architecture but also from fashion and furniture design. I’m proud of the result and the work we’ve done.”

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