Penetrating a new market

As the Regional Sales Manager for the West Coast, USA, Paige Brinkley’s mission is to create awareness and to build the brand of Invercote in a brand new market.

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“When I started my work for Iggesund Paperboard in November 2014, I was hired to develop a presence for Iggesund on the West Coast by introducing Invercote and building brand recognition there. I’ve spent my time targeting high-end cosmetic, confectionary, medical device, consumer electronics and wine and spirits industries. My aim has been to build the Invercote brand by working with merchants, printers and brand owners as well.

Packaging is somewhat new to me but the strong relationships I have with printers are really helpful when it comes to getting new leads. I spent 16 years in the San Francisco, California market for Potlatch Corporation, StoraEnso and Westvaco. The relationships I’ve developed with people who have remained relevant within the print market over the years, and who in some instances now work for big brands has helped me build this market.

Paige Brinkley, Regional Sales Manager for the West Coast.  

One of the key factors for our success on the West Coast is our ability to improve lead times and reduce delivered cost of product to market. To achieve this we are working with our long time converting partner, Progressive Converting. Their converting facility in Southern California allows us to convert stock and custom sheet sizes to order enabling us to meet the market’s service expectation. In market converting allows us to be more competitive with US and Asian manufacturers.

We’ve established standard trial and sample sheet inventories in Pomona so potential customers can do prototyping and run press trials, thereby seeing for themselves the unique properties that set Invercote apart from competitive products. They can see that Invercote will provide less time in production and never cracks on the fold at any caliper. Designing without regard to grain direction gives designers more freedom with respect to ink coverage and allows them to leverage the grain direction to achieve a more functional result.

Another important part of my job is to educate our customers about the value of, and need for, virgin fiber and how it differs from recycled fiber. On the West Coast, and indeed elsewhere as well, environmental sustainability is an issue of paramount importance. By educating our customers I can build long-term trust.

It is only a matter of time before we see real growth on the West Coast. Invercote is a great product that speaks for itself and I’m proud to represent it.”

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